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Windmill Cat Toy with LED Ball & CATNIPšŸ˜»

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Product Details

The Perfect InteractiveĀ Toy For Every Cat

Your cat will never get bored playing withĀ this! Simple yet entertaining. This toy can keep your catā€™s attention for hours!

With just a little push the two balls start rotating to simulate the movement of prey. The chewing toy in the middle will help with stress relief and energy exertion.

It sets up firmly on any flat surface to ensure your cat wonā€™t snatch it. This toy keeps your catā€™s instincts sharp in the best way possible.

This is a must-have for every cat owner this season. Offering a fun, entertaining, and risk-free way for your cat to have fun without tearing the house apart.


Instilling healthy habits

Your feline will safely practice its predatory instincts. Making this the perfect outlet for every cat.

Uniquely Designed

You canĀ place it anywhere in the house. It's super interactive for your cat to engage in. Entertainment anywhere safe and sound.

Calmer environment

The house will be more peaceful when your cat has something to play with. Keeping them entertained and free from ripping and running around the house.Ā 

Our Guarantee

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