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Cat Slow Feeder Toy - IQ Training Interactive Treat Toy with Dual Rolling Balls and Detachable Wand, Cat Self-Play

This Kitty Can't Get Enough of This Toy!

Look, he got the treat out!

Does your cat sit around all day and a rapid eater? With this Cat Treat Puzzle, keep your furbabies active and healthy at the same time through play. Now give your cat his much-needed exercise in a fun way!


✅ Treat Inside Creates INSTANT Interest!

✅ Develops Intelligence - YOU Control the Difficulty!

✅ Multi Toy - Treats, Movement, Punching Ball, Sliding Balls -- All in One!

✅ Your Cat Won't Get Enough of This Toy!


How does it work?

You can easily open the bottom, pour food, and can control the leakage rate on the side of the toy. It does not require a battery, so pets can play forever!

Promotes a fun playtime which cats need. This greatly reduces stress and anxiety. This interactive cat toy reduces boredom and destructive behavior through healthy games, evoking cat interest and appetite.

Also, It can develop intelligence to make your pet smarter.


How hard do you want him to work for his treat!?


Watch out! Your cat might try to start training you!

This new design allows you to control the rate at witch the toy dispenses treats. You can control the difficulty of the toy!

Combined with the food dispenser ball and turntable, the speed of food leakage can be controlled, so that cats get food during play. This surprise keeps cats interested!

Surprise your cat with a new toy today!

He's going to love it!😻

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