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Realistic Fish Catnip Toys - Your Cat Just Caught Something Straight From the Sea!

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"Super! My cat does not part with it, as soon as she took the parcel, this fish became her favorite toy! To the touch is soft, like fleece fabric" - 5 Stars

These realistic fish catnip toys are the PURRFECT gift to give to a cat lover!

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The life like fish toy makes your cat look like a seasoned fishing pro. How did your cat get one of these anyway? 🎣 These saltwater fish live in sheltered lagoons at a depth of 15 meters!

The catnip hidden inside will intrigue your cat into action. Most cats get excited at the smell of catnip and can relieve your kitty of depression and stress. 

It's a lot of fun watching your cat play with something that looks so real. 

The lifelike fish toy is made from durable cotton plush and is 8 inches long.

There are several fish types available for your cat to hunt. If for some reason you didn't like Nemo, you can get the Ocellaris Clownfish and feed him to the cats! 

The most popular fish toy that gets ordered is the Crucian Carp. People say it looks the most realistic...and for a second, it fools friends that see the cat playing with the catch of the day!

These toys are a great deal but if you want to spend a little more we also sell fish that wiggle with it!

Has your cat ever seen a real live fish? What would he do? This toy fish moves like it's still alive! The only thing missing is the fishy smell which we've replaced with catnip...for the humans sake. 


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