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Moving Fish Cat Toy - What Would Your Cat Do If He Saw a Real Flopping Fish?

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"My cat absolutely loves it! No matter if it's turned on or off. It's a great stimulation for the cat. Like it's hunting a real pray that moves. Great product!! The material of the fish is very good quality. it's very soft, but it doesn't fluff off any particles and it's not easy to rip. Just amazing!!" - 5 Stars


Find out what your cat would do if it caught a floppity fish

Every time your cat touches the flopping fish cat toy the motion sensor will activate and the toy will wiggle!


This cat toy fish that moves is very realistic and is only missing the fishy smell, although we've replaced the fish smell with catnip! 


Just like humans, providing new stimuli is exciting and engages for cats. New toys really do make cat's happy!  And it's a lot of fun testing new toys with your furry friends. Sometimes we experiment with funny sounds or smells with our cats 😂.


The 12" flopping fish cat toy wiggles by using 3 AAA Batteries which are not included.


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