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Automatic Cat YoYo Toy - The Best Motorized Interactive Cat Toy!

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Product Details

This automatic cat toy is everything you need to give your cat exercise and fun. This cat toy is a must have for cat owners!
This motorized cat toy will move in a chaotic irregular motion that your cat can't predict. Your curious cat will be instantly interested! He'll be fascinated while you sit back and enjoy the show.
Your Cat Will Have Endless Fun With This Chaotic Moving Toy! 😻


Product Details:
  • Irregular Toy Movement for Cat Curiosity
  • Easy to Install
  • Automatic - Sit Back and Watch the Fun!
  • Replaceable Lure - Try Attaching Your Other Toys!
  • Releases Cat Stress & Provides Exercise

Irregular Toy Movement for Maximum Cat Curiosity

Up down and side to side! Your cat will think the toy is alive! It's so much fun watching cats chase this toy!


Endless Fun! It Plays When You Are Tired Out!

Are you busy working at home while your cat wants to play? This automatic interactive toy will challenge your cat while you work or while you just want to sit back and watch! 

Easily Clips onto Tables, Counters and Cat Towers

Place it anywhere that has an edge! The mount enables you to place it on your dinner table, desk, or cat houses. 

Place it where your cat has the most room to run or where you want to be entertained!

Replaceable Lure - Try Attaching Your Other Toys!

The lure is replaceable. Try using another one of your cat's favorite toys as the lure! It will bring your other toys to life!

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